It’s thirteen hours before my plane ride to Sydney, and I think I’m ready to go. How do I feel, knowing that I won’t be in the US for as long as 9 months? Very, very normal, actually. I’m excited, but also calm.

I’m all packed, been through 3 packing check-lists several of times, and am confident I’m ready to go. A lot of people have asked me about what I have and will spend, and what I’m bringing, so here’s an overview.

Cost of Travel Gear and Preparation:

I spent about $1,175 on travel gear, not including a $750 one-way ticket to Sydney. This includes -

-          $99 65L backpack

-          $43 The Pack packing organizer (this fits in my large backpack)

-          $30 JanSport small backpack (for day trips, carry-on, etc)

-          $60 portable digital microphone for podcast recording

-          $130 Nikon camera

-          $90 TravelSafe lockable safe bag

-          $335 World Nomads travelers insurance

-          $68 REI waterproof and insect-proof sleep sack

Anticipated Costs:

I anticipate spending about $10,000 to $12,000 over the 9 month trip. I will be keeping track of my expenses, so my trip can inform others who are interested in the cost of extended travel. I am also curious to see how close I am to my target, and what the allocation of my expenses will be.

What I’m Bringing:

-          7 short-sleeve shirts

-          1 long-sleeve shirt

-          1 long-sleeve button-down shirt

-          1 polo shirt

-          1 short sleeve button-down shirt

-          Light-weight UniQlo down jacket (this thing kicks ass and fits into a little bag)

-          1 pair of jeans

-          3 casual shorts

-          1 pair of running shorts

-          1 bathing suit

-          1 pair of sneakers

-          1 pair of sandals

-          1 pair of water shoes

-          1 pair of brown shoes

-          9 pairs of socks

-          8 pairs of boxers

-          Universal adapter

-          Laptop

-          Waterproof camera

-          Kindle

-          iPhone 6s

-          Toiletries

-          Head-light

There are probably a few odds and ends I am forgetting. I thought a 65L bag would be more than enough to accommodate all my stuff, but it is actually packed tight, and I will need to carry the small JanSport bag separately. I’m a bit nervous my bag is packed too heavily. Maybe I’ll have to mail some stuff home.

T minus 9 hours until take-off. Next stop – Vancouver, for a 10 hour layover.


My 65L bag

My 65L bag

The Pack organizational pack, with my clothes already packed

The Pack organizational pack, with my clothes already packed