I’m currently 1 month and 2 days out from flying to Australia and embarking on a solo trip around Asia. And I’m in a weird purgatory of “funemployment” right now. I knew my job would be ending on June 30th for a while, and anticipation built up to that day. I was concerned I would be bored at home with nothing to do, anxious for the weekends. I’m an extrovert, so the idea of idle alone time is daunting.

This is not at all how funemployment has been. As a matter of fact, days have flown by quicker than when I was “working”. Every day has been filled with trip preparation: getting the right bank account, visas, gear, plane tickets, etc.

Combined with that, I’ve been networking to generate clients for part-time corporate finance work, leading to several calls and meetings every day.

So when people ask what I do now, I say “funemployment”, but what they probably don’t realize is, I’m busy as Shit! The only time I’ve really stopped to think about the adventure I’m about to go on, is when I’m laying in bet at night, about to go to sleep. In the comfort of my cali-king Tempurpedic mattress, staring at my marble fire place, I realize that pretty soon when I go to sleep, I’ll hear other people sleeping around me, my feet will be hanging off the end of the bed (one of the perks of being 6’3″), and I might be 5′ off the ground on an upper bunk.

Whoa. Why would I trade my cali-king Tempurpedic for group rooms in dingy hostels in the East? What the hell am I doing?

All good questions.

My goal is to get out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in culture and adventure on the other side of the planet. These things will be recorded on this blog, so when you are laying in bed in your comfy private bedroom, you can take a peek and see what I’m up to.

I will write about culture, history, recreation, business, food, and the people I meet.

I would love to hear your suggestions, comments, questions, and concerns! Please leave comments under my blogs or email me at philljesse@gmail.com.