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Episode 4 features Jayesh Parekh, Managing Partner at Jungle Ventures

Jayesh's career spans large corporations to pre-revenue stage startups in industries from technology to media. Jayesh began his career at IBM, then quit the cushy lifestyle to found 9 startups. He then became an equity co-founder in Sony Entertainment Television, and is now an impact and venture investor at Jungle Ventures. In this conversation, we talk about:

 1) The qualities he looks for in founders of early stage startups

2) His experience hiring the wrong CEO and the right CEO

3) The weirdest pitch he's ever received

4) The biggest challenge of becoming an entrepreneur

5) Jungle Ventures' new $100 million fund, which is 10x their prior fund

6) The risk allocation in Jungle Ventures' portfolio

7) Impact investing

8) Meditation

9) Which venture firm Jayesh admires the most